Terrell Owens absolutely 100 percent committed to a comeback

Terrell Owens is absolutely 100 percent committed to a return to the football field, his agent told Dave Naylor of TSN.

Owens activated a 10-day clause Saturday that forces the Edmonton Eskimos — the Canadian Football League that owns his rights — to either offer him a contract or release him.

He still feels like he has some football years left in him, Canadian-based agent Jason Staroszik told Naylor. He just loves the game and wants to get back to playing, whether it’s the CFL or NFL.

On New Year’s Eve, the Bengals finished their season with an upset win at Baltimore. Gruden was being linked to the Raiders job, and over the next few days Guenther started evaluating Oakland’s defense. It featured Khalil Mack, but also had a lot of needs. Gruden was contacting Guenther 15 times a day, going over possible assistants, schematic approaches, but, mostly pressing Guenther on whether he was in or out. If Guenther was out, Gruden needed to quickly find someone else.

But Guenther was waiting for the decision on Lewis. The Bengals are known to promote from within; if their 15-year head coach did not return, Guenther was a candidate to replace him.

The biggest surprise name on the list will be No. 87 Trumaine Johnson, with $37 million. That’s because Forbes is using all earnings over the past 12 months, which includes both the $20 million signing bonus Johnson got from the Jets this offseason, and the $16.7 million base salary Johnson got from the Rams last season. Over the next 12 months Johnson will have to get by on only his base salary of $6 million, so he’ll be nowhere near this list a year from now.

Three other NFL players made the list: No. 90 is Jimmy Garoppolo, at $36.2 million. No. 96 is Ryan Tannehill, at $35.2 million. No. 97 is Von Miller, at $35.1 million.

The highest-paid celebrity in the world over the last year, according to Forbes, was Floyd Mayweather, who made $285 million from his blockbuster fight with Conor McGregor in August of 2017. After Mayweather were George Clooney at $239 million, Kylie Jenner at $166.5 million, Judge Judy Sheindlin at $147 million and Dwayne The Rock Johnson at $124 million.

Total take: $127.894 million over five years, every dollar fully guaranteed at signing. That’s better than the approximately $16 million per season he was offered in ‘1It’s also better than the $53 million guaranteed that Washington put in front of him last year, part of a proposal that gave the team the right to cut him loose after 2018.

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